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Re: Z96 lights

I have four which I use for both video a still photography.

I reckon they're hard to beat for the price. Just make sure you get the original F&V version. I think there was a clone that came out about a year back that wasn't so good. I bought mine from Cool LCD for $79.50 plus shipping


B&H do a kit version which is about double the price but comes with a carry case, battery and tripod bracket...


All versions come with tungsten (orange) and diffusion filters.

This was a still shot (see below) using two Z96's coupled together on a light stand fitted with the orange filters.

It was shot on a Pentax K5/FA31mm lens @ F3.2 - 1/50th - ISO was either 320 or 640 but the lights weren't on full (about 2/3rd's) as I was trying to allow for a bit more exposure of the background. The settings used would be similar for video as the shutter was set to 1/50th.

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