Which kit/pancake lens for OMD E-5?

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Re: Which kit/pancake lens for OMD E-5?

IMHO. (first things first...)

I bought the E-M5 with the 12-50, then compared it with my Pana 14-45, and quickly sold the 12-50. Perhaps that copy of the 12-50 was off, I don't know, but I found the 14-45 to be much, much, much better and not noticeably slower in focusing. Ok it's missing sealing, not a problem for me, and fine video zooming, not a problem for me cause I don't make videos.

The 20mm is not making me happy. Occasional freezing (known problem), nasty banding at higher sensitivities, slow and noisy focusing. Thinking of a Panny 25mm, but will wait a little cause most likely a "normal" from Oly is coming.
The 14mm works nicely. The Oly 45mm is perfect.

Please note I'm speaking of the Panny 14-45 OIS, not the 14-42.


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