FYI....GARY FRIEDMAN Nex 7 e-book now available

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Re: FYI....GARY FRIEDMAN Nex 7 e-book now available

jscott10 wrote:

I bought a copy from Amazon on the 23rd, now I can't find it either! Looks like they pulled it.

Let me explain all that went on with the Kindle Store.

I've been on a crusade for over a year to learn how to create e-books. There's nothing straightforward about it, and the only tools that are out there are quite primitive. Any page layout program that claims to "export to .epub in one click" is lying to you unless your book is pure text. Well, mine aren't. They have complex page layouts and, because they were initially envisioned to be read on a computer screen, they were horizontal in layout.

So starting with the A65/A77 book I've converted to a vertical format to make the transition a little easier. Figures and tables had to all be re-done. Lots of scripts to clean up the resulting HTML were run. Learned how to convert to both .mobi (for Kindle) and .epub (for everything else). Tried to upload various versions to various e-stores, all of which have their own .epub format checkers and NONE of which provide meaningful error messages. ("Cannot process file. Bad token").

Finally, at around 2:00 AM, I finally got a test file to load successfully in the Kindle store. "Huzzah!", said I, and went to be happy. "I'll figure out how to set the price tomorrow. I didn't publicize the kindle version yet, so the chances of someone stumbling onto it is pretty slim".

Well, someone found it. So I had to scramble to get the price right. Funny thing about Kindle store is, every time you make ANY kind of a change to your product, you have to "wait for approval". In the meantime a whole slew of customers started getting angry at me, feeling cheated because they had paid the regular price (and loved the book!) but found the same content cheaper at the Kindle store. The technical jargon for this is "Customer Relations Nightmare".

30 devastating hours later, the sub-minimum-wage bureaucrat at the other end of their Mechanical Turk change approving process allowed the correct price to show, and finally all of my online pricing was pretty much at parity.

Now here's the thing about the Kindle store that you may not know about (I certainly didn't): they have two pricing models: If you price your book under $9.95, Amazon lets you keep 70% of that revenue. (That translates to $6.95 for me.) But if you have the audacity to charge something higher than that, Amazon takes 70% of the revenue! This means you'll pay $26.45 for my book and I get to keep $7.93.

I'm not Stephen King. The audience for my books is quite limited and I pour a lot of sweat into making them. I believe the books offer an outstanding value proposition and I believe I've earned every penny that I charge. Amazon, in contrast, has not done anything to earn a 70% take.

I pulled the title from the store, and will never list it with them again. I still continue to bundle the .mobi version for free with the original .pdf download, so Kindle owners can still enjoy the book on their device.

(Amazingly, iBookstore isn't so greedy (but they are a lot pickier about their .epub formatting).

Hope this clears things up. It was an experiment and wasn't supposed to get out into the wild. (Kind of like the Stuxnet worm.) (Except that wasn't really an experiment.)


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