Should I replace my 85mm 1.8 D for the new G one?

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Re: Should I replace my 85mm 1.8 D for the new G one?

Allan martin wrote:

mistermejia wrote:

Allan martin wrote:

Is it worth the trade?

Money is not the problem as I'll sell the D for the same price as the G new.

However thats gonna cost some effort and I'd like to be sure the 85mm 1.8g is worth spending time selling the old one.

What do you think?


Don't give in to the marketting brain washing. If you want it, then feel free to go buy it, no body is stopping you. Do you NEED it, i don't think so! Like i said above, i eventually will rebuy the D version, i do miss it.

By the way, you won't sell your D lens for the same price as the G, you can only get $350 MAX for the D lens, so you will have to put some extra money out of your pocket, and by the way, that D lens will also outlast the G lens because it does not have a built-in motor, so you never will have to worrie about that. The D lens IS a proffesional grade construction, the G is NOT, it has a consumer grade build.

Regarding the price, I'll achieve that by selling the D in my country and buying the G abroad. Exchange rates + taxes make their price even.

Anyway, nice insight on the built quality, though I cant understand how a professional grade lens like the D would perform worse than the G, like you said, consumer grade lens.

Ive been searching everywhere and they all say the G is superior in terms of utility and due to better sharpness when wideopen. It also has the manual override which I find nice.

All I wanted was someone to tell me that the D had something better over the G, but I guess it really comes down to opinions, nothing really technical.

What do you say?

Hi Allan, just got back from vacation. Again, the G lens is sharper, BUT, the D lens, as some folks have stated, is softer and that puppy takes some gorgeous photos with some type of angelical looking blurr that I personally LOVE. The G lens cannot do that, it is too sharp. And yes, the D lens is pro grade construction with its original glass design from the time it was made, i would not say it is outdated, Nikon just happened to build a "different" G lens with a different coating and characteristics designed and made mainly for cameras without a lens motor. Nikon has to come up with something in order for them to continue making money, why the hell not re-du all the previous D lenses? That's what they did with the 50mm also.

By th way, i still have my 50mm 1.8D and don't have the need to and will not change it for the G lens. For $80 bucks that i paid for that puppy. i would be stupid to think that it would be an upgrade.

In the end, BOTH of these lenses are really good, some people have them both, they are not the same, they are different. I personally choose the D because it will outlast any G lens. It is your money, your taste, your needs. You decide

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