Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

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Re: Top 10 Minolta legacy lenses!

heliguy wrote:

Minolta made a lot of good glass both AF and MF. Was wondering what the ultimate top 10 list of Minolta lenses would be. I have the Minolta 50mm f1.4 that should surely make the list, it's my fave legacy lens. I'm not very familiar with the entire product family. What's your Minolta top 10?

Three Macro lenses: 50mm D f2.8, 100mm D f2.8, 200mm G f4

The STF 135, in a class by itself.

The 300mm f4 & f2.8, 400mm f4.5, 600mm.

That's 8 all by itself without even getting into the mid range or wide angle.

I'd throw in the 12.5mm and 25mm Bellows Micro Lenses (high magnification macro) But few will have the opportunity to use these.

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