Travelling with Fuji X-Pro1

Started Jun 28, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Travelling with Fuji X-Pro1

Get insurance, and try to carry a camera in your hand. Do not use photo vests, pouches, dedicated camera bags, or camera bags that advertise themselves as not looking like camera bag- they still do. When you are not using the camera, put in your backpack and no one will notice. X1-Pro is not a large camera anyway, so just carry it in your hand and wrap the neck strap around your wrist for extra security. People carrying their cameras in "nifty" LowPro packs, pouches, and vests look like dorks and, worse, always make for an easy target. If you go through a hassle of buying bag for your camera it is expensive and thus is worth stealing., Packsafe strap is probably more hassle than help.

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