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Re: Latest E-M5 macros

I especially like pic 3, the light on the bee's wings is a bit of magic, very nice.

As to weather or not these are "macros", folks seem to like to debate that here on DPR, as if there is an absolute right and wrong definition of "macro". Macro was originally used to describe any extreme closeup photography. However, I will say that folks who are are in to Macro would likely have isolated single elements of your pics more, say, the bee on the flower as most of the frame, and I personally would enjoy that a bit more, as for me, the magic in macro work is revealing details that the eye could not perceive alone.

I'd rather not nit pic definitions, but rather enjoy the "extreme closeup" photos, and yours are a nice set, with potential to go much farther in bringing out hidden detail and telling an even more compelling visual story.

Enjoy your macro work, and thanks for posting...
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