Do photojournalists shoot raw or jpg?

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Re: Do photojournalists shoot raw or jpg?

Seriously? There's a debate about this?

Raw+High Quality JPGs. Always.

Even if 99.999% of the time a magazine (and definitely a newspaper) will only require JPG, you can never know when you capture an image that you would later want to blow up billboard-size, sell for stock etc.

Honestly, I don't understand the arguments against that approach. A 16GB memory card will hold 450 Raw+JPG images (Nikon D3s), for $80/card. There were very few assignments I had to shoot more than 12 rolls of 36 exposure film for back in the days, even with a 5-fps motordrive. Run out of space? Plug another 16GB card in. Tight deadline? Download JPGs only, complete the transmission and download the Raws at your leisure for complete assurance of a high-quality original.

Shooting JPGs only for ANY type of assignment/situation, with a camera that can store both - is like making prints from your originals and then throwing the originals away. Simply doesn't make sense.


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