Processing woes on SD14...uggh!

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Re: Processing woes on SD14...uggh!

I recall reading that the SanDisk cards actually had a slightly higher rate of problems than other cards (I have some Extreme IV's), so don't run out and buy some without verifying that. I have found zero difference whether using SanDisk cards or not.

I can sometimes shoot 6 frames in rapid succession, and other times not, the only difference being environmental:

higher ambient heat and humidity, camera already warm or hot.

I had my camera checked out for this problem by the national distributor, an authorized Sigma service centre, and it got a clean bill of health. It continues to behave the same way.

(That's why I've been waiting for a weather-sealed body: I finally got to try the SD1m a week and a half ago, and I will be buying it)

I've also tried BIOS changes, different batteries, lenses, pauses, card makes (2GB and 4GB, Fat16 and FAT32), etc.

IMHO, the real issue is a design matter, and I think the best approach will be the 'pink wire fix' or variants (though I haven't done it myself, as my SD14 is still under warranty). I will be doing it in several months.

However, even when I get the SD1m, I will keep the SD14, as its dynamic range and tone mapping are some of Sigma's finest. It's awfully finicky (in too many ways to itemize), but still worth it.

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