Equipment INVENTORY software?

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Re: Equipment INVENTORY software?

I need something similar to the previous poster. But I'm coming from it from a slightly different angle. I need to inventory my gear but as a part of an overall scheme to manage my still/video business.

My first thought was in fulfilling a need to create a shot log database and, of course, gear used in a given shot was part of the scenario. (Seems that once you start to break these things down, they become more complex than at first thought.)

I've begun developing a database in Filemaker Pro 12 and I'm on the precipice: do I move forward and spend more time and energy than I ever imagined in creating a full-blown system or do I continue to look for a simple piece of software out there to answer my needs for inventory?

If I move forward and develop a bespoke application, I'd want it to be generic enough (I know, it borders on oxymoronic but I'm a fit of contradictions.) that I could sell it to make enough to pay for my development expenses. Perhaps, even turn a profit. (Novel idea!)

That brings me to you. If you have such a need for a product of this type and are willing to wait for a few to several months — this isn't my primary gig. I'm a photographer/filmmaker, remember — would you be willing to share what you need in such a product? Or simply make some cogent suggestions? Either way, you input would be much appreciated.

That's all I got. Thanks for your attention.

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