Torn between Canon 85 1.2L & Sigma 85 1.4

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Re: Torn between Canon 85 1.2L & Sigma 85 1.4

I had read that first link several days back. That is what made me start contemplating the Sigma over the Canon. I hadn't seen that second link though.

Thanks for those!

Tony really knows how to work that Sigma... though it appears (in the comments) that he has recently moved back to his Canon because of jumpy AF issues with the Sigma. He isn't the first to experience that. As long as Sigma stands behind their products and will fix issues like that though... it wouldn't bother me too much since I'm not a pro. However if it were my business and source of income... that would give me some reservations.

hullodare wrote:

Tony Hoffer is one of the finest wedding photographers in the world. He posted a must read review about those two lenses here:

Also....another legendary post about the Canon 85 L right here:

Trust me. Those two articles will help you decide.
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