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Re: To each his own

Ugh, you talk such rubbish.

Yes, great old lenses are cheaper than great new lenses. This is news?

The only great native NEX lens is the Zeiss 24mm. What else from Sony matches the PL 25 / 45 or Olympus 12, 45, and now 75 primes?

The best of m43 (E-M5 + top primes) isn't cheap, but it is, in fact, fantastically capable--matching or exceeding the 5N and 7 in nearly every way.

If you want to quibble about which comes out on top, fine; but there's literally no rational basis for your negative hyperbole.

I've never understood how some people can get so worked up in the margins...

forpetessake wrote:

Yes, there are a few good m4/3 lenses, hardly covering my needs though, and nothing good in telephoto range. And for the price less than those few I got a bag of outstanding manual lenses, primes and zooms for any occasion, indoors and outdoors, bright and versatile, most producing better images, add in addition to that a sensor with much better IQ. So why paying 2.5-3G for a very limited system, which can't satisfy my needs, especially in low light and in telephoto, and which is easily surpassed by a 2G system with a lot more options?

The bottom line, even disregarding the costs, if somebody wants to get a DSLR quality and versatility in a smaller package, he can't get it from m4/3 system, -- neither cameras nor lenses are on par. The NEX system isn't perfect, but it's the closest he can get. I know a number of people not limited by financial considerations, who tried various cameras, including those expensive Leicas, and decided on NEX 7. But again, to each his own.

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