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My main issue with the D7000 is the amount of successive shots I can take. When shooting a car driving by I can only take a couple of pictures before the camera says enough and I have to wait a few seconds. Same goes for any sports/animal action sequence. I miss shots waiting for buffer to clear.

Your experience with the limited buffer capacity of the D7000 confirms one of the reasons many here did not buy it or returned it. But in your original post, you said that you would upgrade to FX even if the other features of the camera remained the same. Quote: "I love my D7000 and even though I only had it shortly I would upgrade to FX sensor even if the rest of the specs remained similar." Hopefully for you the D600 will have a better buffer

I have a 1.4x for my Sigma 70-200. The magnification doesn't change going from DX to FX only the FOV. 200mm on a DX is still 200mm of FX.

When I say that the 200 mm will be "short" on FX, of course it does not mean that the lens will shrink. It is a common usage to use "short" and "long" in that way, just as when one says that a 50mm lens on DX is a little "short" for portrait, and the "traditional" portrait length of 85mm is a little "long" on DX.

Of course the focal length does not change going from DX to FX. But since the FOV changes, you need to get closer to or farther from your subject to get the same FOV. On your D7000, the 70-200, which gave you the FOV a 105-300, was not enough so you added a 1.4x. The result was the equivalent FOV of a 147-420mm.

Now on FX, with the 1,4x, the equivalent FOV will be 98-280, sligthly less than what you had on DX without a 1.4x. That means that in order to get the same FOV on FX as you are used to on DX, you will need to get a longer lens.

Me I prefer to stay on DX.

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