The dumbing-down of the Mac.

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Re: The dumbing-down of the Mac.

theswede wrote:

webfrasse wrote:

And what're those s'posed to do for me if all I get is a gray screen? Sure, I can boot from another device and start some tool, but how will that figure out what's broken? Are there artificial intelligence applications for the Mac which can solve the halting problem?

ok, you are clueless...

That's why I asked the question. Apart from the actual install (which ran mostly unattended) it took me well under an hour total to fix the problem by doing a reinstall. Well, the copy operation had to run a while, but I didn't take time on that; I was busy doing other things, that was completely unattended. Finding, preparing and booting a disk with some tool, and then starting to troubleshoot, would take me how long? Especially since the helpful advice I got from googling was mostly to poke around and read logs, and start eliminating cause after cause. When doing that on other OS'es - which do not leave me with a grey screen for starters, but usually begin with at least an error message I can google - I would expect a few hours of work sorting the mess out, at least.

Did you try to boot in verbose mode or single user mode to see what the actual error was?

If you could boot in single user mode you can run the disk repair and permission repair utilities from the command line (just like on linux and windows).

What was the last thing you installed?

You can remove (copy them somewhere) all preferences in Libraries/Preferences and/or Library/Preferences is you could get access to the disk from either single user mode or booting from another device. Preferences are re-created when apps starts so apps will still work and you can later copy them back to gradually see what works and not.

Disk Warrior is the best disk recovery utility out there. It will rebuild the whole disk catalog and have helped me several times with systems behaving a bit odd or simply not working properly. It's non-intrusive as long as you don't write the new catalog back to the disk. I now run Disk Warrior as regular maintenance routine on my Macs.

The only way for OSX to have a better solution than a reinstall would be for a tool which actually does the work for me. Since you treat it as self evident that one should use a tool and poke around, is that the case?


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