Epson Pro 3800 fuzzy blacks

Started May 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
chadderuski Regular Member • Posts: 461
Re: Epson Pro 3800 fuzzy blacks update

These drips are the result of doing several power cleanings and the excess ink has not drained from the pump cap. With a print of your age and use, it very possible the pump cap is not draining properly.

As suggested, you can release the head by pulling the power cord when the carriage is to the left. With a paper towel, daub up the excess ink from the pump cap. After it's fairly dry, carefully drip some original windex on the pump cap. This should help break up any coagulated ink.

Your printer is rated for 12,000 prints, so it's barely middle aged.

Your printer probably would have benefited from the "paper towel" method of cleaning. But now that you have the head cleared, don't bother. You'll just be wasting more ink.

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