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n057 wrote:

D7000newbie wrote:

Sigma 70-200, Sigma 8-16. I was about to buy a Sigma 17-50 but will wait now for D600 to come out and if the price is right I'll buy the camera and a 24-70 lens. I'll sell the Sigma 8-16 and get a FX wide angle.

I like to shoot races, portraits, animals, landscape. I want to get into macro eventually.

On DX, you still lack a lens in the midrange, but is your current DX setup lacking? How are your race photos turning out?

Since you want to go to FX, your plan sounds good. The 70-200 might be a little short for races on FX though, you might need a TC or a longer lens.

Good luck, me I plan to stay on DX, so the DX successor to the D300 is what I am waiting for.


Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

My main issue with the D7000 is the amount of successive shots I can take. When shooting a car driving by I can only take a couple of pictures before the camera says enough and I have to wait a few seconds. Same goes for any sports/animal action sequence. I miss shots waiting for buffer to clear. I have a 1.4x for my Sigma 70-200. The magnification doesn't change going from DX to FX only the FOV. 200mm on a DX is still 200mm of FX.

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