What software do you use.

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Re: What software do you use.

Isn't there a new iMac every 12 months or so ? There must have been at least 5 new models in the last 10 years (I'm not a Mac user myself, so I'm just guessing here). Anyway, if you keep waiting on the next new iMac, you will never get one, because there will always be a newer model in the future :-).

Anyway, I use ViewNX to view the pictures. Those I like I open in CaptureNX to convert them to a 16bit TIFF file (may do some early work on it like cropping and leveling). Then I open it up in LR 4.1 and do the rest of the work.

I do it this way because if find that CaptureNX does a better job converting the pictures then when I load the files directly into LR.

I do only shoot RAW btw...

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