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Re: Yes, manual lenses are great ...

forpetessake wrote:

... I said that. But manual focusing on m4/3 sucks. Unless you decide you can live with out of focus pictures, m4/3 system isn't good for that purpose. I really don't think many people will be satisfied having very sharp lenses (and lots of legacy glass is very sharp) and out of focus pictures.

I have been using manual focus lenses on a GH2 for a year and a half now - and the focussing is very easy and much quicker than focussing manually on my Canon 1Ds. My lenses are mostly primes, the manual ones being a Voightlander 25mm and Nikon 50mm 1.8. I always use the EVF, just click in the thumbwheel to zoom in, focus, touch shutter release to jump back out and shoot. Couldn't be simpler.

IQ wise, yes my Canon gear and best lenses are marginally better. But for non-work tasks, and increasingly for a lot of my wedding work, the M43 system is good enough.


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