Lens question re: sharpness

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Re: Lens question re: sharpness

Yes, though with reservations. First to paraphrase Tolstoy, sharp photos are all alike; every unsharp photo is unsharp in it's own way. His masterful turn of phrase means that to result in a sharp photo, a combination of conditions must all combine to result in a sharp photo, if any one of them is lacking, the photo won't be very sharp.

So, if technique is good, then generally primes allow better sharpness than similar quality zooms. Very good primes are generally sharper than very good zooms (compare say the Samyang 35mm to just about anything at matching apertures). Good primes are generally sharper than good zooms but may not be as sharp as very good zooms, etc. Single primes usually cost less than zooms of similar quality, but to cover most of the focal legths in a zoom with equal quality primes is usually considerably more expensive. The whole debate is pretty moot, though, unless everything else that can contribute to sharpness in a photo does.

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