What software do you use.

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Re: What software do you use.

Pretty much Photoshop CS6 as it offers a lot of plug-in ability: Topaz. Nik. Imagenomic's Portraiture., etc. over most others.

Then, Capture NX2 for "Control Point" ability, although not so much if it is want to crash due to their poor memory management with large files still.

DxO Optics Pro 7 Elite for automating lens distortion control or batching files.

View NX2 irregularly for just cruising in folders.

Paint Shop Pro X4 sometimes too having used it a lot prior to Photoshop.

iFranview at times. Some stand-alone HDR programs too.

Bottom of the list for me is Lightroom since I don't catalog nor save stuff on the computer once done (To portable H-Ds, Blu-Ray, DVD, whatever - It's just gone of the main computer!). Don't care for its interface that wants to save and catalog all the time at all or look for thumbnails of old stuff long since gone.


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