S5pro with a Vivitar 500mm mirror lens image

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Re: S5pro with a Vivitar 500mm mirror lens image

Your good experience with mirror lenses reminds me of my use of an old Sigma 600mm F:8 mirror lens that I now regret selling. The full potential for sharpness these lenses can produce is maximized with a combination of high shutter speeds and good tripod stabilization. Mirror lenses easily vibrate because of their lightness, adding to blur. So you need to weight it down to dampen vibration. The key to avoiding donut-like bokeh is the distance between the subject and background. If you find the right combination of factors the donut boken can be minimized or eliminated. It is essential to find very simple backgrounds for your subject to get the cleanest bokeh from mirror lenses. Here is a shot I captured with a Sigma 600mm F:8 I bought used for about $75.00 (US). This is the equivalent of a 900mm lens on an aps-c body! If you use good technique they are a cheap way to get some long lens capability on the cheap.

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