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Get your feet wet with something cheap first.

I got the GF3 + 14mm for super cheap...287 for both brand new-open box. Works well enough and in fact I think its possibly better than the 17-55 2.8 fast zooms at equivalent focal length, etc.

I see you've built your FF gear around zooms...I personally am not a fan of shooting FF with heavy fast zooms...the D600 + 85mm 1.8G would be incredible if rumors are true on the D600. Unfortunately Nikon really does need that D600...the D800 is way way too pro...its utterly amazing but its also utterly overkill unless you are so talented that all your shots end up being blown poster-sized on billboards and art museums. If you are like me and more just a family man travel shooter and have no delusions of suddenly having your work end up in a museum, I think the D800 is a waste of money (unless likewise on the other side of the spectrum that you are so bad that you need super crop capability all the time).

Myself I have a Canon 5DMKII because I bought it for cheap (1500 after tax with a shutter count of 20). I will use the new 40mm 2.8 pancake and 85mm 1.8 most of the time. Not ridiculous in size-weight...I think FF zooms are just ridiculous. The telephotos are worth it in IQ, but if you don't work for the National Geographic I don't see the point of getting these telephotos. In face I'd be just fine shooting a Nikon 1 + 30-110 actually which can produce great shots...again not for the National Geographic shooter, but just fine for vacation photos.

Pre-owned market is utterly weak and I live in a populous camera happy area. But there are always days where you see jaw dropping deals on MFT gear...don't expect that though if you want the OM-D + 75mm or the GH3 + the 2.8 zooms fact if history is anything to go by, expect to get burned a bit in a shorter period of time relative to Canikon DSLR bodies.

I've shot some wide-angle shots with both my 17-40L with FF and with my new GF3 + 14mm, and I don't find anything offensive with the still works within its limits and will help mitigate gear changes for me whenever I'm requested to do the boring group shot and have a 85mm on my FF. Not to mention you get MFT gear and you can have your wife start shooting...guys typically jump right to FF gear leaving their significant others out in the cold (if they have't caught the shutter bug in the same way, etc).

Right now I will keep FF for portrait shots and would entertain CSCs for wide-angle and telephoto work. This is because, once you go super telephoto, more DOF for a given aperture is not necessarily a bad thing, and once you shoot wide, more DOF for a given aperture is actually an advantage.

Buy FF + CSC, or buy CSC + CSC...don't bother with zooms, use an extra body for your needs to jump focal lengths. Even better have your significant other start using a body for the other focal lengths. Get the expensive zooms if you are alone and solo and only have one body and one lens with no swapping possibility.

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