R3000 & Inkjetcarts, Replace Cart, Does not recognize?

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Re: He could have offered you a new cartridge!

Petruska wrote:

wjwncpro_Ds wrote:

I'll do the check with my (empty) OEM VM cart to see if the R3000 will recognize it (it should at least say it's empty). Hopefully it will.

Good luck, especailly after that big mess!!!!

Bob P.

I haven't been doing to good in the luck department lately, but I can always hope!!!

Here's what the manual says;

If an ink cartridge is low, the ink light flashes and you see a ' ! ' symbol displayed over the low cartridge’s icon.

When an ink cartridge is expended, the ink light stays on and you see a ' X ' symbol displayed over the expended cartridge’s icon. This message appears on the screen: You need to replace the following ink cartridge

I never got the ' ! ', I just got the ' X '

Last night after cleaning the mess and refilling & resetting the cart (did not leak) I replaced it but still had the ' X '

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