D800 or any DSLR Video is HORRID!!

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Re: Horrid, UNLESS you understand...

haven't had heat issues on the D800, never went > 30 min though.

tabloid wrote:

Chaz f64 wrote:

From all the responses here it sounds like many of you are dedicated still shooters and have limited knowledge of how the D800/D800E are to be used for dedicated video work.

Like the Canon 5DMkII that pioneered the way before it, DSLR cameras used for professional video work (a la the "House" episodes) require additional costly accessories to use them properly with manual 'follow-focus' and 'double-system sound' and usually an assistant or two as well.

Video pros know this and choose the DSLR for a particular reason, usually to achieve a film look (versus the "video" look) at a fraction of the cost of buying/renting a RED or Panavision camera or to put an "inexpensive" camera in harm's way for stunt work, etc.

I have both a D800E and D800 and, coming from a background of retired I.A.T.S.E. Cameraman, am thrilled with their video output.

I used my little d3200 the other day to do a video, and after half an hour it overheated, and stopped.

So i took the battery out and the lens of and stick it in the fridge for half an hour.
Question: Did you notice any overheating with your D800 whilst videoing.
It seems to be a common occurrence .

What didn't help: ...as the camera got warmer, my hand got warmer, as my hand got warmer, the camera got warmer...I think there must be a mathematical equation for this.
We also have a D800 (not tested yet)

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