I dearly missed my F*300/4.5 lens.

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Re: I dearly missed my F*300/4.5 lens.

I love my F*300/4.5. I have an A*300/4.0, an A*300/2.8 as well, but the F*300/4.5 is my "go-to" 300. The A*300/4 is nice and compact too, but not IF, and not quite as good, while the A*300/2.8 is awesome, but a big heavy beastie. Have the two gray matched A series 1.4x and 2x tele-converters for it too, but that winds up being a specialized long lens and needs a tripod and a heavy one at that. The F*300/4.5 on the other hand, is a lens I can regularly hand hold - especially now, with the K5, where I can speed up the ISO with little to no image quality loss. It is my all time favorite air show lens, and I bought it new when my SF-1 was the state of the art. It has adapted nicely to the later generations of Pentaxes with no trouble.

I often set it up with the camera on manual focus at air shows as the action is too fast to focus. You need to pre-focus. Once I have the"range" of the planes at an air show, I slide the collar on the lens from manual into auto focus but the camera stays on manual, with the lens internal focus staying stationary where I left it, with no chance to knock it out of focus at my target range. Thus it becomes a focus lock feature. I can then concentrate on tracking jets without worrying about the lens trying to hunt around focusing on a fast jet. It's sort of like skeet shooting with a camera. Need to lead the target and not worry about the rest. It works great this way. The F*300 is sharp as a tack. It deserves its reputation. When I used to bring film in to develop years back, the developers used to ask me if they could make copies of some of my air show shots as they could not believe the sharpness the lens delivered.
Mike V.

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