R3000 & Inkjetcarts, Replace Cart, Does not recognize?

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Re: He could have offered you a new cartridge!

Petruska wrote:

These carts have a spring loaded shutoff valve in the output port so when you pull the cart the ink won't flow anymore. I think that stuck open in your cart and when you have the vent at the top open the ink will flow easily, plus I believe that the ink cart is slightly pressurized and adds to the ink flow issue with a stuck open valve.

Or the welded sidewall membrane seams of the cart just failed. Remove any ink that you can in the cart as you can reuse it and then plug the vent hole, place tape over the output port and perform the vacuum prime with water a few times and if the seals are leaking you will see it.

Andrew removed the chip and battery recently he can guide you how to replace the battery (377).

Russ is correct in cleaning as well as possbile as you could possibly have some electrical shorting of the pins in the printer and it is probably a very good idea to pop the cart chip and clean it very well from the component/battery side, water will clean well, alcohol rinse, and air dry it well also.

Bob P.

Thanks Bob for your reply, I cleaned the pickup sensor and I have to wait about another hour to check it. I'll do the check with my (empty) OEM VM cart to see if the R3000 will recognize it (it should at least say it's empty). Hopefully it will.

I asked Ross about a replacement VM cart but I haven't gotten a reply on that yet and I also ordered VM ink from Epson with overnight shipping so I should get that tomorrow.
I'll let you all know what happens in about an hour...

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