R3000 & Inkjetcarts, Replace Cart, Does not recognize?

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Re:Here's the photos, Replace Cart, Does not recognize?

Andrew Curatola wrote:


I just seen your problem. I too have a R3000 using InkjetCarts inks. I was curious if you ever found out what happened to that cart. Apparently the cart is ka-put so I really can't help you out there. What I did since we had the R3000 cart battery scare last week was I bought an extra set of carts from from InjetCarts and bought a bunch of the 377 batteries that the carts require. BTW those are the same batteries that fit in most wristwatches.

Sorry about your problem


Thanks Andrew for your reply,

I am currently in contact with Ross at Inkjetcarts and he gave me instructions as to what to do to clean up the mess (Ross's reply to follow this). How were you able to replace the battery, does the cover just pop off?

Ross's communication;

alcohol and paper towels to start with and get really clean. After wiping completely clean what you see, there may still be ink in the groove slots of the sensor.
the printer should be OFF and unplugged for the next part.

You should get OIL FREE ELECTRO CONTACT CLEANER for cleaning circuit boards AND compressed canned air. at radio shack or maybe home centers.
clean the pins and the slots of that sensor.

blow out with can compressed air and then even air dry for another hour before plugging up or powering on.

then just get an epson cart for that slot and make sure you can get the printer to read it.

once you determine you've cleaned the printer acceptably well and are up and running (during your downtime try to figure out why the cart is leaking and/or what has happened).

Ross Hardie

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