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Re: Switched a month ago from canon - TIMING IS ...

eques wrote:

as wrong as can be, a few weeks before the introduction of the Canon mirrorless with EF-adapter.
It means degrading expensive premium AF glass to cumbersome MF lenses ... .

Depends on size of Canon MILC? If its the size of the GH2(Pana) maybe the adapter and premium Canon glass will be OK, otherwise you have a Sony Nex situation, looks stupid with anything other than the 16mm pancake, even with the 18-55 is a bit awkward, add in the adapter for A mount and it looks doubly stupid.

The OMD is really small and my 14-140 and 100-300 look just about OK, DSLR glass on these bodies isnt that great or comfortable. This is where Canon will need to catch-up fast, its OK releasing bodies but we take images with a lens too, how quickly can they match m43 line-up, 3-4 years? Canon and Nikon have missed the boat and Sony just so good at making a absolute mess of things.

But everyone for himself.



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