CR2 Banding and Pattern Noise actually additional data?

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CR2 Banding and Pattern Noise actually additional data?

cgarrard wrote in another thread

I'm wanting to see. From Contact and Banding, I'll eat popcorn watching how much further it will get.

The topic, as a reminder, is 7D firmware.

You guys can always start another healthy discussion on banding in another topic if you wish.

I was hoping to find more messages here on topic to read instead, its the back and forth on a completely different topic that myself and others now have to sift through.

Really sucks.

"I think, therefore....."

So respecting this, I am starting this thread.

For those that complain that they see ‘BANDING’ and 'PATTERN NOISE' in the image CR2 data files from all Canon cameras.

Did you ever stop to consider that the ‘BANDING’ or 'PATTERN NOISE' that you see, may be in fact ADDITIONAL DATA?

This additional data would still allow for normal decoding of the image by 3rd party decoders unless the image was pushed to the extremes (pushed many stops), then the additional data could become visible.

The fact that they claim can find this banding in ALL Canon CR2 files makes it is obvious to me that this is additional data. I find it humorous that they rant about it being a flaw, instead of looking at the banding as possible data.

For those that don't get the concept I suggest you watch the movie 'Contact' with Jody Foster.

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