Galaxy Tab Can Use PDF Photo Albums

Started Jun 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Galaxy Tab Can Use PDF Photo Albums

Thanks for your suggestions on resolution changes. I did some tests and came to the conclusion that PDF images are the best way to display images on the Galaxy Tab 8.9. I did the following comparisons. I used the images directly from Power Point and MS Publisher saved as JPG and used Photoshop CS5 for resolution adjustments for the other two images. PDF conversions were done with Adobe Acrobat. Viewing on the Galaxy Tab was done by clicking on the images and using whatever default application Samsung uses for JPG and PDF viewing.

Image inserted into Power Point and saved as JPG.
Same image inserted into Publisher and saved as JPG
Same image saved with 72 pixels/inch
Same image saved with 144 pixels inch
Same image saved as JPG 2 then converted to PDF

The best of the above was the PDF image with 144 pi next best but it lacked the resolution of the PDF file. I also like the benefit of being able to combine groups of images and display them in very high quality with a simple click and they can easily be transferred to another folder of memory card as a single file.

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