Light tent lighting recommendations...

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Barrie Davis
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Re: Light tent lighting recommendations...

HEA-45 wrote:

I recently acquired a used, large (about 3' x 2'), collapsible light tent at a great price. The plan is to use it for shooting indoor, macro shots of flowers, still life, water drops, etc. I tried using it this weekend, but the room's ambient (fluorescent) light is insufficient. Can anyone recommend manufacturers, sources (Adorama or Home Depot), fixture types, light bulb types, etc.?

My advice? Buy a decent set of lights and throw away the tent.

Alternatively, store the tent and save it for the arrival of a subject that actually benefits from low contrast shadowless tent lighting. This should give you plenty of time to learn how to use the decent set of lights...

... because subjects which benefit from the flat and texture-less quality of tent lighting are few and far between.

Still, you did say the tent was cheap.

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