AEB Bracketing?

Started Dec 11, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Manual bracketing timing test

Danlo wrote:

The one thing i miss on my J1 is bracketing for HDR. Think about it, if you can shoot 60 fps, then handheld HDR would be no problem at all. So, you could shoot handheld HDR in daylight and get the dynamic range of negative film.. Can you imagine?!

I understand why Nikon didnt implement bracketing.. The 1-system would have given files that when combined could give you up to 20 steps of DR, even when HANDHELD! But a small sensored camera CANNOT be aloud to beat their FF cameras in terms of IQ.

I agree with you, there are times this could be useful and the Nikon 1 is the perfect camera for such thing. I don't know why Nikon left out this seemingly simple thing, but I think it was wrong. It should have in-camera HDR function as well as exposure bracketing. Well, maybe next time...

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