We thought we'd be celebrating with the Italians last night ...

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We thought we'd be celebrating with the Italians last night ...

... but the Spaniards wanted differently.

Everything started out well though. A warm summer evening with public viewing being prepared in the main square, next to the dome, as appropriate in a country where football is the second religion.

A few drinks with the "ragazzi" before the game begins

always helps to raise the spirits.

The young "donne" are chatting but is this really about football?

Now this is also a family event of course although in this case primarily on the male side: Granddad, dad, and the sons.

We're gonna beat them tonight, right dad? Sure son.

The Italian Stallion rises to the occasion.

"Fratelli d'Italia, L'Italia s'è desta."

The Spanish team captain looks ferocious though.

Now go get them!

But what the heck. David Silva, 1-0 for Spain.

Jordi Alba, 2-0.

Fernando Torres, 3-0.

Juan Mata, 4-0. Fortunately, a flag is good for many purposes.

Game over.

OK. At least there won't be any honking to disturb us tonight.

Now that's not quite the correct chronology. In reality, neither the light nor my battery was sufficient to cover the second half of the game. But why spoil a good story on such smallish grounds.

All pictures caught with the G1. The lenses used were 20/1.7 (1, 3, 7-9, 16), the 45/1.8 (10-15), and the Minolta MD 85/2 (the rest), all shot wide open except for the first two with the 20, which were at f/4.5.

Note: The last six images may appear a bit too noisy. I have uploaded new versions with a bit more NR but it may take a while before they show correctly due to intermediate caching.

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