G1X - Restaurant By the Sea (PICS)

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Marco Nero
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G1X - Restaurant By the Sea (PICS)

It was my mother's 70th birthday yesterday and my wife (Rena) and I drove up the coast to see her for lunch. My father took us out to lunch at a lovely restaurant across the road from where they live by the ocean (in Australia).


I didn't know we were dining out but I did have my G1X with me. The only thing I didn't bring along was a Closeup Lens ... which I only realized after we left the house and we were unable to turn back because of the time. Lunch was very nice. Though the restaurant was a major award winner, they managed to lose our order for our mains, served everyone else in the restaurant (who arrived after us) and eventually brought out our meals. They did apologize for the delay, although offering us "free fries" for our two-hour delay didn't really make amends - especially since we were the only people who had the courtesy to have booked in advance and all the other diners were walk-ins. Australians really don't have much of a concept of what constituted good service although the food was very good.

Seated at: 12:43pm
Starters arrived at 1.38pm
Mains arrived at 2.36pm

Food:............ ☆☆☆☆☆ (Excellent)

Service:..........☆☆ (Come on, we booked and it was a special occasion)
Staff:..............☆☆☆☆☆ (very polite)
Atmosphere:.. ☆☆☆☆ (view/location)
Price/Value:... ☆☆☆ (based on fine dining & location)

  • G1X Settings

  • All pictures were taken handheld in 'P-Mode'.

  • G1X was set to 'Auto ISO'

  • G1X settings in 'My Colors' set to color (+1) contrast (+1) saturation (+1)

  • Last two pictures used a Circular Polarizer ...which warmed up the colors.

  • Post Processing Settings

  • Lightroom 4: Clarity +2, Vibrance +4, Saturation +4

  • Lightroom 4: Sharpness increased +2

  • Lightroom 4: Noise Reduction (Luminance) +4 (Color) +4

  • Lightroom 4: Shadows lifted +5

  • Photoshop CS2: Resized

  • Photoshop CS2: Noise reduction - MINOR ('Near Image' pluggin)

NOTE: Whilst on the beach, I handed my G1X to a stranger to take a group picture of us. I turned the camera to AUTO and removed the Circular Polarizer to simplify the job. The resulting image had highlights that were quite blown out in the bright sun. I don't shoot in AUTO but it surprised me that the highlights were clipped.

G1X - P-Mode - 1/1000s f/2.8 at 15.1mm iso250
The Reef Restaurant - Oceanside dining

G1X - P-Mode - 1/1250s f/3.5 at 15.1mm iso160
Seared Sea Scallops with pear & celeriac puree, jamon shards and saffron foam

G1X - P-Mode - 1/1000s f/5.6 at 47.1mm iso500 (MACRO)
Dom Perignon Champagne

G1X - P-Mode - 1/640s f/4.0 at 23.3mm iso800 (MACRO)

Aged Black Angus beef fillet with lemon, thyme & parmesan gnocchi, heirloom dutch carrots, wilted baby spinach & cafe de Paris butter.

G1X - P-Mode - 1/125s f/5.6 at 52.6mm iso800
It was about this time that they lost part of our order

G1X - P-Mode - 1/1250s f/3.2 at 15.1mm iso320
My wife, Rena... talking with a friend of the family.

G1X - P-Mode - 1/1250s f/5.8 at 60.4mm iso250
The view from our restaurant table.

G1X - P-Mode - 1/160s f/3.5 at 18.9mm iso800 (MACRO)
BREAD: Ciabatta, house marinated olives, Terran olive oil & aged balsamic.

G1X - P-Mode - 1/1000s f/4.5 at 26.4mm iso400 + Circular Polarizer
My wife Rena at The Haven Beach, Terrigal (Australia).

G1X - P-Mode - 1/800s f/5.0 at 31.4mm iso800 + Circular Polarizer

My brother (right) with a long time friend of our family - who flew up to join us for lunch.

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