Lens setup for F1 circuits(silverstone) cheaply

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Re: Lens setup for F1 circuits(silverstone) cheaply

The 300mm f4 AFS is definately sharp. But you would be stuck at one focal length and you will have slow AF. I have used it for an airshow and next time I think I'll take my 70~200 with a 1.4x t.c. instead, possibly on a DX body. Faster focussing and much more flexible.

b.t.w. we are only talking about the AFS version of the 300mm f4. You would need the AFS version to have AF and it's a better lens than the old one anyway by all accounts.

If you were asking about the Sigma 50~500 I don't own it but I have seen results from it several times in camera club competitions and it is plenty sharp. We're talking about birds, elephants and warthogs rather than racing cars but excellent results.

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