If you have perfect/acceptable left AF with D800 and 24-70mm, I need your help

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Re: If you have perfect/acceptable left AF with D800 and 24-70mm, I need your help

I don't agree. The difference between those three images with the prime, while barely noticeable at 100%, is not enough to warrant screwing around with AF fine tuning.

Think about it. If I focus again, I'm going to get a slightly different result on another try. Besides which, I can say with certainty that my images will NEVER be viewed under these conditions. On an average 72 dpi desktop monitor, those images I posted correspond to a 100" wide print.

If I ever were planning to print that large and wanted absolutely critical sharpness at that scale, I'd be doing the following:

1) Stopping down.

2) Manually focusing using live view.

3) Probably bracketing the focus a bit just to be absolutely certain.

Edit: The D800's resolution is high enough that it's pushing past the limits of Nikon's 35mm lens lineup, or the capabilities of the AF system in the camera itself. My take on this is that there are limits to what can be achieved reasonably at this price point for a camera and lenses, and your 35mm system doesn't magically become a modern digital-back Hasselblad because the electronics have been upgraded.

That said, I am absolutely comfortable saying that the OP or others who have test images that show serious problems may have a camera issue which warrants a repair. I just don't think that my own results rise to that level, considering the whole picture.

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