Lens setup for F1 circuits(silverstone) cheaply

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Re: Lens setup for F1 circuits(silverstone) cheaply

thank for advice
nectar points are a uk points saving option not worth much.

i have not got the money to buy both. i will probably have a 300mm f/4 with converter on 0% interest free from jessops. just looked at previous posts examples and i am impressed! think my problem may have been solved to get to 400mm


trespassing wrote:

michael chalkley wrote:
i payed £507 from amazon with "triple points on my nectar card"

why can you beat that??

trespassing wrote:

Can't give you any advice on the lens I'm afraid, all I can say is that if your D5100 you 'just bought' is unused then return it first thing. You'll get a cracking deal from Jessops if you buy the camera and lens together, believe me

More than likely they'll be able to, if it's with the 18-55 lens. I'm going to be honest, I have no clue on what Necter points are worth (although triple sounds like quite a lot to me :)) but the camera is £507 at Jessops, and when purchasing with a £1000 lens they'll discount one item to get you to buy both together. Trust me, I know about all of this, go in and ask, there's no harm whatsoever in asking what they'll do.

Best way to get them to do so, head in to a smallish store, early next week, just past mid day. There is no harm in asking what they could do, explain to someone fairly senior (not the manager) in a quiet period your situation with Amazon, but how you'd like to buy from the D5100 and £1000 lens together from them, and I'm sure they'll do their best. As I say though, I have no idea what Nectar Points are worth, so this may all be completely unhelpful! If so, best of luck and I'll be interested to see how you get on! PM me if you want more help.

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Regards Michael.

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