What to do about Raw files from Olympus EM5?

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Re: What to do about Raw files from Olympus EM5?

lds2k wrote:

My Lightroom 3.6 and Photoshop CS5 can't read the Olympus EM5 raw files. Aside from updating to LR 4.1 and CS6, how long will I have to wait until Adobe supports this? I tried to submit the question to Adobe but I always find their help's hard to deal with.

My advise is to upgrade your LR 3.6 to 4.1 for ~$80-- that will do several things for you: The LR 4.1 upgrade will allow you to
1) process RAW (.orf) files from your OM-D E-M5 in LR 4.1's Develop Module and
2) process RAW (.orf) files from your OM-D E-M5 in CS5's Photoshop ACR Module .

[LR's Develop Module and Photoshop's ACR Module are the same thing except for the placement of the controls and color of their backgrounds!]

Its a popular miconception, but there's absolutely nothing 'magic' about processing RAW files in Photoshop's ACR Module -- LR's Develop Module does exactly the same things, only with an easier to use interface.

Your still won't the fancy/nice-to-have features that CS6 offers until you spend $200 to upgrade from CS5 to CS6.

But this way everything will work just fine until you decide to get CS6.


PS I'm agonizing about upgrading CS5 to CS6 for $200, or
CS6 Premier Pro for $$$ for its better Video capabilities and stay with CS5.

CS6 now has some Video processing ability, but are they enough???

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