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Re: Still back to basics

Regret to see the comments on ARShutterbug. IMHO, he is actually helping you.

The S95 is a very good P&S. It has a good focal length range, good wide open aperture (wide open till 2.0 I guess) It also has an IS. Its a good enough tool to get better on composition & exposure.

The moment you buy a DSLR and shoot, you might find that your pictures are not as good as your friends'. Probably because you saw some HDR pictures or focus stacking pictures or images post processed in Lightroom or Photoshop and yours were just out of the camera.

IMHO, first decide what you are going to shoot. Is it landscape or portrait or macros or birds. They are different areas of expertise alltogether. For landscape you would need a good wide angle lens. Not only that, you might like to add polarising filters for better color, ND filters for slowing ur shutter speed for those wavy waterfalls. For birding you might need a body that is equipped with good AF capabilities (like EOS 7D, 5D Mark III) to help your obtain more 'keepers'. And you would need lenses with long focal lengths (400 mm is atleast a minimum). Macros also need practice & good gear (rails, ring normal flash with diffuser, good tripod).

Whatever you shoot, lenses are the most important contributing factor. And it would become an obsession to acquire more & more as you get used to photography. To take an analogy from your area of expertise, when you choose a high end inear phone, quality of sound, the balance, the impedance matter a lot. Same way, lenses also matter a lot with their build, quality of glass to produce those fine images...

Good luck with your photography. Hope to see ur photos soon.

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