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Re: Seeking advice on filters

Skylight filters were NOT designed to correct Ektachrome... or any other film.... They are a very slight salmon colour and are designed to reduce the cool colour cast in images taken mainly at high altitude or snow scenes... as well as warming film that is balanced for daylight... now they can be useful if your daylight WB is too cool... as well as acting as a protector for the front element.

A UV or Haze filter absorbs the short-wave portion of the spectrum... aiding with distant landscapes that tend to get hazy in the distance.

On some of the lenses I use I have a Heliopan protection filter that is made of extremely high-grade glass and coated with there 16 layer multi-coating... the reason I use this is to ensure that I do not damage the front element of lenses that I clean quickly... these lenses are normally the ones I use the most and almost never have a lens-cap on. I have been known to clean lenses with anything from a shirt-sleeve to a folded tissue... most glass will not be that soft as to be damaged by this... but multi-coatings can be very soft compared to glass... so most lenses now have to be cleaned very carefully. It is a good idea to learn how to clean a lens properly... many have no idea as to what is the best way to clean their lenses...

With my prime lenses that see lesser use, are used mainly without filters... unless I want a particular effect. Polarizers need to be circular type for digital cameras with auto-focus, rather than the traditional linear polarizer.

The very best filters are generally made by B&W... who actually work very closely with Heliopan... of the two I normally purchase Heliopan, still expensive but not quite as expensive as B&W.

I would recommend reading the information on B&W and Heliopan sites about filter use... that way you will be getting fact... rather than third hand knowledge....


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