Lens lineup for EM5

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Re: Lens lineup for EM5

For kids and architecture, I'd think the 12mm/f2.0 would be essential.

It's pricey, but I've found taking everyday shots of my kids, especially if you want context for candids and casual shots, the 12mm will get you the width and speed you need. Same with indoor architecture.

Second best (and lots cheaper) alternative would be the 20mm Panasonic. It used to be the lens that was on my GF1 most of the time till I got the 12mm. Now I primarily use the latter on my OMD, and put on the 20mm when I want something more intimate and less wide (but not as up close as the 45mm).

Either way, I think you need a wider prime than the 45. Those wide-angle zooms are not going to be fast enough for indoors, and they won't really exploit the full potential of the OMD.

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