D800 does castles

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Re: D800 did NOT "do castles", You did.

u007 wrote:

Rational wrote:

I hate the cliche of xyz camera does this or that. It never does. The camera's user does.
A pair of scissors never "does a dress"; a seamstress or tailor does.

The photos you posted are, regrettably, not good. Composition, color balance, perspective, lighting, are all lacking. I am sure that you are capable of much better. The camera certainly is.

Oh please. Sure, they're a bit boring.. but they're hardly "bad" photos. And "lighting"... really, how is that a criticism? He can't control the weather.

The second shot is good, if a bit flat, and the last two are fine too, if a bit over-saturated.

Oh stop it already. By being "nice" and kind, you only hurt the OP. The truth may hurt, but it's the only way to learn. These are not good images at all. The OP needs to take some basic photography courses. He really needs to start from the ground up.

If you think these images are OK, then it doesn't speak well for your talents or lack of them!

More harm than good is done to so many posters of bad images when they are praised instead of being honestly critiqued.

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