HDR Bracket Setup for Nikon D800, Guide by Luke Zeme

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Re: HDR Bracket Setup for Nikon D800, Guide by Luke Zeme

i have not tried the above method, but mirror lock-up for an entire bracket sequence (not per shot) can normally be easily activated by hitting the LV button and entering live view mode

for advanced HDR control look at the Promote Remote HDR controller


otherwise, easiest way i've found is to set bracketing # of shots and exposure interval as desired, 5 frames 1 stop apart or whatever, rotate the shooting mode dial to CL, and enter live view mode by pressing the LV button

use a pixel rw-221 oppilas wireless remote or similar ($20 on amazon or ebay), set the remote transmitter switch to bulb and press it once to trigger the entire bracket sequence with mirror lockup, another press or half press after the shots have fired will end bulb mode and allow the camera to display results nad be ready for another sequence, etc


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