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Re: Home much IQ difference betweenavchd andencoded mp4

John..thanks for your reply
I am working with 1080/60p AVCHD files created by a Sony HX9v .

These files are encoded to mp4 via handbrake. Through experimentation I have found handbrake does a better job encoding to mp4 than Pinnacles s12 default encoding

I share my files with family via Vimeo HD

I realize that Vimeo's compression, which is better than YouTube's, in my opinion, further degrades the mp4 i upload to it.

When making an edited file "movie" using Pinnacle S12 I often have to edit the finished mp4 movie file several times before I get my final movie.

Does each successive tweak cause the previous draft to be re-encoded causing slight degradation to the IQ?

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