Good-bye LX5.... Hello LX6 ????

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MattBrisVegas New Member • Posts: 15
Depends what you call wide and pocketable

I feel like a politician, being quoted out of context and all. What I said was in the context of the unique niche that the LX5 occupies by being pocketable having a lens that is wider than 24mm (35mm equiv). (I didn't throw in "under $550 mrp" but I should have.)

You can put a 12mm f/2 on a Panasonic or an Olympus Pen mini (very tempting combo, almost got me to switch) but you will need a very large pocket. And a deep one, since that combo will cost you $1200.

The NEX 3 or 5 with the 16mm f2.8 looks very tempting, except that according to this objective review the optics are only slightly better than the bottom of a coke bottle.

So, within even the ballpark of its price range, the LX5 has a unique market niche, which would be worth hanging on to.

For example, how about a 24mm to 50mm f/2.8 on a 1" sensor?

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