Is it time to switch?

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Re: Is it time to switch?

A couple of points: There's been some discussion talking about the evfs on the Panasonics. I've not used a G1 but it's several generations old. I have used the Panasonic add-on evf and it doesn't compare at all with the E-M5 evf. I can see that folks might prefer one of the big OVFs on higher end SLRs, and I find I get very strange color blasts on the E-M5 evf sometimes, but the E-M5 evf is pretty good and generally better than the OVF on entry level SLRs. One gripe is it's not so good with polarized sun glasses. IQ is very comparable to the best APS-C cameras. You're at least splitting hairs. Single shot AF is very fast and accurate, continuous AF remains a limitation. If you're doing lots of sports or have analogous needs there are better choices. I like to hike. I picked up some neoprene wraps for lenses and a big wrap for the camera. I toss a couple of lenses in a Camelbak day pack and hardly notice them. If I could afford and justify two systems I'd also have a FF. I think comparing m43 to FF is comparing apples to oranges. FF allows some things that a 43 sizes sensor simply doesn't. But I know I'd leave my FF system at home or in the trunk too often. Personally, I wouldn't jump without testing. Try an E-M5 for a while and see how it works for you, then decide. Do note that lenses like the PL25 and Oly 45 produce better IQ than the 12-50. One of the holes is the lack of fast zooms -- that hole seems to be closing with lenses like the Panny 12-35, 35-100, and the rumored Olympus 12-60. But right now it's a hole.

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