Quiet mode in 5D3 and D800?

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Re: Ha!!

The D800 SS mode reminded me more of mirror lockup. Not its strength. I thought 5D3 silent mode was going to be a feature i could care less about.. until I used it. it does slow the frame rate down but when taking pictures of shy birds about 15 feet away it REALLY does work.

Kabe Luna wrote:

The "Quiet" mode of the Nikon is nothing of the sort, really. Instead it "halves" the duration of "normal" noise by making the mirror flip-up and shutter release sequence happen on the shutter button press, and the mirror down and shutter recocking upon button release. I guess in Nikon's estimation, that's quieter.

The 5D3 is far from truly silent, but it's so much quieter than the D800, it might seem to be at first.

nikhgan wrote:

For those who own both the 5D3 and D800 bodies:

I am wondering how the 5D3 silent mode compares to the D800's quiet mode. Is it a lot quieter than the D800? Is it quiet enough that you can use it theatrical performances without affecting the audiences around you?

Liveview mode don't count because I never use it. Thanks.

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Please forgive the typos! A great speller I am, a great typist I am not!

I have shot with both Nikon D800 and Canon 5D3

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