D800 service center check for the focusing points

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Re: AZBlue's good old days...

AZBlue wrote:
I don't believe I ever said that.

faterikcartman wrote:

Finally, just because someone has been shooting since the manual days and has the knowledge and technique to work around the issue in no way shape or form suggests to me that they should not be upset -- and hence complain -- that their high-end camera does not have the full function they paid for.

Again, I'm confused as to why your carrying on over and over about a point no one ever disputed?

And I have about four Galen Rowell books and they're all filled with landscape photos -- of course a working center AF point allows you to do that. But again, non one is complaining about the center point, so why did you ever get started and why do you keep going?

Here, I'm not arguing with you: One can take great photos with a working center AF point. One doesn't need a working left AF point to take great landscape photos. I agree with that if that's all you're saying. Let's see if you can bite your tongue.

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