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Re: AZBlue's good old days...

John M Roberts wrote:

SkyDreamer wrote:

The forum is filling up with superintelligent people lately, telling to everybody how good they are and how clueless is people not thinking their way.

Now someone tells us that we need only the central focus point and people who disagrees with him is an armchair photograph and other nice adjectives ... give me a break!

I tend to agree with you that he has a very subjective opinion. Use the center point and all is OK unless you are incompetent.

AZBlue, you seem to suggest to those posters here that presented to you the advantages of outer point AF for capturing non static subjects to quit complaining since in the days with out it, all was possible. That's a bit closed minded in my opinion.

Should we all just resort to recompose? That won't work for close up portrait work where you want to shoot somewhat wide open. On a tripod I find the outer points very useful for when I want another zoom perspective I will need to refocus. Lifting my camera off the tripod to center my subject for focus then reattach to the head, even though I'm using quick release, takes enough time for me to miss shots in conditions that are changing rapidly.

Shooting from a kayak, no tripod here obviously, I have enough wind, wave and current movement that most times it is quite difficult to keep my eye steady enough to assure correct composition especially if I have to continually recompose each time I change my zoom settings. That's where the outer points work for me.

You say you are old school. Maybe not enough old school. Sure I can alway try and resort to my old methods but consider this. Manual focus equipment from the film days were easier to use then what MF is with AF equipment today. The lenses then were made to aid in critical focusing with more tension on the ring and with more turning distance. Infinity for almost all lenses but a few were at the end of the turn. Not so today. Many lenses are sloppy with little fine tuning capability and all I have encountered can be turned beyond infinity. Different prisms were available and easily removed to use for specific lenses. I would have loved AF then. Today I wish they would incorporate more of the favorable characteristics we had in the MF days.

So to say just because we did without it in the old days doesn't quite support your somewhat isolated viewpoint.

John R

Great post John as I started shooting with a Canon TL back in the day. I shoot a lot of people pictures, hand-held, often wide open or close to it, and I want the eye in sharp focus. It is next to never that the eye falls on a center point. In fact, if I put my subject right in the center of the frame my pictures would probably put me to sleep.

So I really appreciate outer focus points to make life easier and I usually shoot with a single point active. If things are relatively static and one understands the limitation of non-cross type focus points this works great. Luckily when I shoot with a vertical hold the eyes fall under the right hand site points not the left. I can totally sympathize with people who want to take advantage of their outer points but can't. If Nikon did not intend for them to work they should not be there -- why pay for them if they are not functional.

Finally, just because someone has been shooting since the manual days and has the knowledge and technique to work around the issue in no way shape or form suggests to me that they should not be upset -- and hence complain -- that their high-end camera does not have the full function they paid for.

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