Horrible Intermittent Banding on OM-D at ISO 200 with 12-50 lens

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Re: No, at least not on my E-M5

Yeah, looks like I had over 2,000 first-round keepers before the problem developed -- probably over 4,000 images in all (a lot of exposure bracketing and manual focus lens work with really shallow DOF and 9fps to nail focus). Plus a bunch of videos. No problems with IBIS whatsoever.

And I agree with you 100%. I sent mine in for warranty repair, and I'm patiently waiting now. I have no problems with Olympus. These things happen. Sucks that it was me, but better than to someone else to whom it might have hurt more. As long as I've got it back in time for my next Yosemite trip in a couple of weeks, I'll be all smiles. Plus, I made sure to buy it with my American Express card, so that the warranty will be doubled to two years. You never can be too safe.

acahaya wrote:

I've got mine since middle of April, current image count is 5323. No problems so far, not even with IBIS

A few unlucky E-M5 owners own a cam that doesn't work properly and i'm very sorry for them.

Furthermore you can never rule out a later defect, especially if you do not treat your cam like raw eggs (i don't).

If something really does not work as it should (lemming-like forum panic excluded), no matter if from the beginning or after some weeks/months, contact Oly support and send it in for repair/exchange, the cam has at least one year of warranty.

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